More Money by Consolidating Student Loans

The student loan consolidation does not wipe away your loans or even part of them, but the changed circumstances will influence on the terms. Many graduates have saved even hundreds of dollars per month just with better arrangement.
1. Private Contracts.
You as a borrower can apply alone or with a credit-worthy co-signer a private student loan consolidation. If a co-signer and a borrower have a superior credit they can get lower APR terms. Together with the refinancing, you can both get longer loan term and lower interest, which together will mean nice increase on your monthly income.

2. Federal Contracts.
If you are looking for an immediate monthly payment relief and the long term savings at the same time, the federal student loan consolidation is a great tool. Actually you can lengthen the repayment time from 10 years up to 30 years to get lower monthly payments. If you will overpay, there is no penalties. You have a chance to make bigger payments and then to cut the repayment time.
And there is one great benefit. If you do consolidation during the grace period, it will cut your interest rate by 0.6 %. There is no credit checks, fees or application fees.

The federal consolidation can include Federal Stafford Loan Consolidation, Plus Loan Consolidation, Direct Loan Consolidation, Perkins Loans, HEAL Loans and all Federal FFELP and Direct Loans, which you have taken to pay for your education.

3. How Much More You Can Earn Per Every Month?
Actually it depends, what is your target, but to give you an example with which you can easily judge the approximate savings, here it is. If your loan amount is $ 10.000 with 15 years payment time and you will change it to 25 years, you will save $ 19.36 a month and $ 232.32 a year.

If your loan amount is $ 100.000 with 15 years payment time and you will change it to 25 years, you will save 202.58 a month and $ 2430.96 per year.
4. The Easier Management.
It is not nice to get many repayment bills from different lenders every month. One of the benefits is, that you will get only one loan, which is easy to manage. This makes it easier to plan the personal finances.

5. You Have To Consolidate Private And Federal Student Loans Separately.
Yes, you just cannot combine the private and federal student loans into one loan. If you do this, you will lose the federal loan benefits, so it is wise to keep them separately.